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Technical service to customer

Technical service to customer

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   United innovation and united benefit
POLYTEC is the leader of textile roller covering solutions. We built our know-hows based on two essentials: elastomer science and textile engineering. This means POLYTEC is willing to share and collect knowledge with and from our customer in textile industry, and finally, it make us a big project of “United innovation”, that is how we succeed in the industry. POLYTEC is helping customer with knowledge more than a roller but a complex combined system that can develop both roller and textile, for instance, we are helping customer with padder design to achieve maximal water extraction with our HERCULES roller, we are helping customer with parameter setting on rope dyeing rang to achieve the best result with our ROLMAX roller…We do many things but really designed to do only one-to transfer POLYTEC value and that is the united benefit out of united innovation.
Our united benefit mainly includes:
? Matching between rollers features and process (for instance, in sizing and rope dyeing process); matching between padder and process (for instance, padder setting to certain squeezing result);
? Process quality analysis (for instance, sizing and pre-treatment problems analysis, solutions with roller and padder frame);
? Process efficiency analysis and improving (for which take rollers as key working pieces);
? Roller profile checking and risk analysis to process;
? Calculate the correct crown based on nip testing;
? Risk aversion with roller application…


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