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        Code to even pressure for padder
A roller, of conventional structure, will bend under load, as the load is transferred from the two ends to the centre. The bend share be even more evident while the load is big or the roller is long. Such bend, if happens on a textile padder, share bring in un-even pressure profile along the roller length that may result in un-even water squeezing, colouring difference and will always shorten the roller’s working life or even damage it in a very short time. A crown is always the solution to eliminate the defection. We apply the right amount of crown to compensate the bend accordingly. The crown itself may be different shape, for instance, parabolic, concave, convex, tapered ends… but just under a very simple principle-do it according to the roller bend. Our talent engineer has developed U-pad to check exactly the bend under certain pressure and then, time for our CNC grinder to do the crown accurately.
POLYTEC is a trustable expert on calculating the correct crown thanks to our unique mathematic formula and nip testing method. Shape of the nip (nip diagram) illustrates how and how much the roller bends. There are many ways to get the nip diagram: take advantage of our U-pad or just make a nip test on site.


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