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Padder design and improving

Padder design and improving

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Do like an OEM
It’s not hard to understand that different process may need different padder, a changing on result may start at a changing on padder setting…Padder design is a unique collected knowledge by POLYTEC based on rich experience with various customers and occasions. Our talent engineer has developed the first mathematic means to design a padder based on our database, which illustrated relations between exact squeezing result and padder setting; Our roller engineering test centre can offer precise load stimulation before a real padder was established. Typical examples of oursuceed project can be list as follow:
? Padder design for maximal water extraction;
? Laminating padder for PU foamed material (used for health care field);
? Dyeing padder for non-woven fabric;
? Dyeing padder with deflection compensation system.

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