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Blueprint and Machining

Blueprint and Machining

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One supplier make you the packed service
POLYTEC has complete machining system, including casting contractor, metals workshop equipped with CNCs. This is extension of our PACKED service, for offering our customer the shortest delivery time and all-in-one quality guarantee. These facilities also make it possible to repair some damaged but valuable rollers just in house, for making the exquisite job under control and saving our customer’s cost.
Our machine capability and team of talent allows us to deliver your complete project from blueprint to delivery just under one roof, Our know-hows will instruct the necessary repairing, no matter you have noticed or not, or even astonishment beyond your expectation. Refined technics and process ranging from CNC tooling, welding or thermo-locking, balancing and heat-treating will make you exact things from paper to life.
Our catalogue mainly covers:
? Guide rollers;
? Padder roller of heavy-duty;
? Defection compensation roller
? Heating/Chilling roller;
? SS roller/SS covered roller.

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